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Quality is extremely critical for the Pharma industry which is a regulated industry that directly effects human life and thus no room for error. The pharmaceutical market requires demanding vision systems and applications to inspect the products precisely and with accuracy and traceability. RDG solutions excel in inspection of pharmaceutical labels for presence/absence and barcode reading, Barcode and print inspection of a pharmaceutical label, and Track and Trace

With expertise in delivering stand alone machine vision systems, or systems integrated into a production process, RDG posseses the capability to provide solutions that exceed expectations and often provide additional benefit to those identified at the outset of a project.

Food and Beverage


At RDG we provide quality solutions into many diverse food industries, ranging from snacks and dry food to fresh and frozen food applications.

With increased pressure from consumers, supermarkets and government for manufacturers to deliver a quality product RDG can provide solutions that can deliver 100% inspection for your production processes.

Date, lot and part number verification Seal inspection Outer case label inspection

Print quality inspection on labelsBottle fill and cap closureDamaged carton inspection

Packaging measurements and verificationSurface inspection and contaminationSize and feature inspection

Medical Devices


RDG engineers quality control vision systems that can be implemented in all areas of the medical device industry

From gauging complex medical devices in real time through to multi camera blister inspection machines, we offer a range of machine vision solutions to meet the specific needs of manufacturers in the medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

dimensional inspection inspection on injection moulded devices Component code verification

Product traceabilitySurface inspectionProduct defect detection