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Count Defect Detection

Machine vision enables computers to ‘see’ and to detect subtle irregularities in products at speeds and consistency far exceeding human vision capability. A machine vision system uses one or more sets of cameras to capture images for analysis.

For manufacturers with 24 hour operations, manual grading and inspection isn’t a complete solution to reducing customer returns and rejections. With production speeds sometimes exceeding 100m/min high speed inspection can only be achieved through machine vision technology.

An automated quality assurance solution using machine vision technology effectively replaces the need for manual inspection which is often done on a sample basis. Industrial vision systems perform these functions more efficiently with greater speed, better reliability, and precision.

From integrating inspection capability into existing manufacturing systems to fully integrated and/or automated manufacturing and inspection process we believe our technology and expertise can add significant value.

Machine vision systems can be used for defect detection, checking for:

QualitySeal DetectionSurface Detectioncontaminantsskew
Product completenessFill LevelFeature PresenceAssembly VerificationCounting
Ensure Exacting Tolerances (diameters, gaps, brushings, threads, etc)

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